Неактивна зіркаНеактивна зіркаНеактивна зіркаНеактивна зіркаНеактивна зірка


Vasyl Lytvyn, Victoria Vysotska, Lyubomyr Chyrun, Dmytro Dosyn


  1. Introduction                                                                                                                 2
  2. Method of automated development and evaluation of ontologies’ qualities of knowledge bases      5
  3. Planning approach to text mining in knowledge base framework                             17
  4. Approach to decision support systems development based on ontologies                30
  5. Design and analysis features of generalized systems architecture for information resources processing        45
  6. Life cycle model of textual content processing                                                         70
  7. Information resources analysis in systems for information resources processing      78
  8. Set-theoretic models and unified methods of information resources processing      97
  9. Web content processing method for information resources processing systems     122
  10. Analytical methods for information resource processing                                        138
  11. Analytical methods for web content processing                                                     147
  12. Features of information resources processing in electronic content commerce       158
  13. Designing features of architecture for electronic content commerce systems         173
  14. Features of text categorization of commercial content                                           193
  15. Features of the content-analysis method for text categorization of commercial content in processing online newswork works                                                                                                      202
  16. Peculiarities of linguistic analysis and modelling semantics of textual commercial content for electronic digest formation                                                                                                                 219
  17. Electronic content commerce system development                                                 251
  18. The means structure of information resources processing in electronic content commerce systems    279
  19. Methods and means of processing information resources in electronic content commerce systems    294
  20. Conclusions                                                                                                             311
  21. References                                                                                                               315