Vysotska V. Specifics Informational Resources Processing for Textual Content Linguistic Analysis / Lyubomyr Chyrun , Victoria Vysotska, Vasyl Lytvyn // Proceeding of XIIth International Conference of Perspective Technologies and Methods in MEMS Design, MEMSTECH 2016. – 20-24 April, 2016, Lvi-Polyana, Ukraine. – Lviv Politechnic Publishing House. – P. 214-219.

Lyubomyr Chyrun1 , Victoria Vysotska2, Vasyl Lytvyn2
1 Software Department, Lviv Polytechnic National University, UKRAINE, Lviv, S. Bandery street 12
2 Information Systems and Networks Deparfment, Lviv Polytechnic National University, UKRAINE, Lviv, S. Bandery street 12


Abstract - The article content lies in solving the important applied scientific problem of the in informational resources processing intellectual systems (lRPISes) with textual content linguistic analysis usage creation. The IRPISes functioning mathematical ensuring was developed. The IRPISes conrstruction means and methods will be developed on the basis of created mathematical models. Such systems have the widespread usage, in parficular for the forming, managing and maintenance of the expanding content volume in Internet, running e-business, during the onliine and offline content realization systems, cloud storage and cloud computing.

Keywords - informational resource, commercial content, content analysis, content monitoring, content search, e-content commerce svstem.

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