Andrunyk V. The Peculiarities of Electronic Digest Formation / Vasyl Andrunyk, Victoria Vysotska, Lyubomyr Chyrun // Computer Science and Information Technologies: Proc. of the IX-th Int. Conf. CSIT’2014, 18-22 November, 2014, Lviv, Ukraine..– Lviv: Publishing Lviv Polytechnic, 2014.– P.25-28.

Vasyl Andrunyk1, Victoria Vysotska1, Lyubomyr Chyrun2
Lviv Polytechnic National University, 1Information Systems and Network Department, 2Software Department, 12 Stepan Bandera
Str., Lviv, Ukraine, 79013


This article suggests a method of functional and logistical processing of content as a stage of a content life cycle. Commercial content processing method describes the formation and rubrication of electronic digests, and simplifies a commercial content management technology. The main problems of functional processing of commercial content services were analyzed in this paper. The proposed method provides an opportunity to create information resource processing tools as well as implement commercial content management subsystems.

Keywords — content, content analysis, content monitoring, and content search.

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