Vysotska Victoria. The Commercial Content Digest Formation and Distributional Process  Victoria Vysotska, Lyubomyr Chyrun, Liliya Chyrun // Computer Science and Information Technologies: Proc. of the XI-th Int. Conf. CSIT’2016, 6-10 September, 2016, Lviv, Ukraine..– Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2016.– P.186-189.

Victoria Vysotska, Lyubomyr Chyrun, Liliya Chyrun
Lviv Polytechnic National University


Abstract— The paper describes the digest formation algorithm and algorithm of content distribution between participants in the process of content formation. The distribution is normally performed by moderators. The content distributional subsystem shortens the time and diminishes the resource usage for the further electronic content commerce systems (ECCS) functioning. The distributional process expects several stages to be processed: the distributional objects list formation (e.g. articles, software, books or digests); the estimation of the content distributional criterions / features from the received list (the content uniqueness percent, the amount of the content requests, the users’ mark and the review time); the content authors ratings creation; the content’s parameters evaluation for the purpose to use it within the distributional process. The listed criterions are not of the same importance and significance within their total analysis and the computing of the content authors’ work quality composite mark. The content contains the thematics and the digest. The content distributional system selectively sends digests to authors according to their work quality ratings. The increase in the content volume causes the proper quality and productivity evaluation of the very content author. The increase in the evaluation criterions allows covering the broader aspect range of any author’s/ moderator’s work.

Keywords – content; digest; commercial content; information resource; business-process; content management system; content lifecycle; electronic content commerce system.

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